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Fabula Nova Crystallis [userpic]
[Question] somewhere has NW-s20x series for sale?
by Fabula Nova Crystallis (nova_crystal)
at November 5th, 2011 (10:01 am)


As many of you had known, our MC of Persona 3 uses Sony walkman NW-s20x series mp3 player (similar to this):

Now they're not being produced anymore, so it's really hard to find.

My mp3 player is not working anymore, so I'm looking for a new one. I searched for hours in google, amazon and ebay but can not find it anywhere. If you guys know somewhere or someone has this mp3 player for sale, please help me. Thanks!

I live in Vietnam, by the way.


Posted by: Robby Belmondo (konami)
Posted at: November 5th, 2011 04:44 am (UTC)

This is all I can find: http://blujay.com/item/Sony-NW-S203F-1GB-S2-Sports-Walkman-MP3-Player-8060100-1622813

Posted by: Like swimming in liquid cake (kitbug)
Posted at: November 5th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
music time

I got mine on ebay last year, might try searching there?

Now if only I could figure out where my P3 look-alike headphones disappeared to. :|

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